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Why should I provide the information about address and phone number? This is not necessary for paying by card.

You are right, that technically there is no need to know the address and phone of card holder for the transaction to be made.

However there are real cases when stolen cards was used for payments.

Therefore, in the interest of these cardholders, we use the tools that allow to separate scams from them.

Index, phone number and address of card holder - this information is requested by the processing center UK "DATACASH" http://www.datacash.com, which is checking the card for the fact if it is not stolen. Processing center is checking the "address" and "phone" of card holder with Visa and Mastercard personal data, provided by the bank that issued the card, and decides: whether the card pays by its true owner or fraud.

We, Intui.travel,  do not see and do not get the data: no card number, no address, no phone. This data  is processed only by processing center.

Online transactions are completely safe. Session mode of payment is held under the HTTPS connection. The data between the user and the processing center is encrypted. Data encryption has been certified by COMODO https://www.comodo.com

Pay with safe and secure!


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